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Character Page

Re-doing this page....again!

Last update: (12/19/2012)

Main Group:

Patch, Squishy, Eevee

Lola's Team

Thyme, Shinjy, Mizu, Rocky, Togi, Sparkia

Day Care:

Penta, Sprout, Cubby, Houndoom


Missingno, Orbie, Puddles, Aurora, Jet, Ruby, Mark, King Oshan, Chip, Zee, Mew


Patch / Patchumanji

As an egg Patch was used in the test run of HM00, a HM designed to teach a pokemon every possible move. During the test something went wrong however, and the lab went up in flames. His egg was rescued by Mew and left to be found by a Vulpix and her trainer and team. It is unclear if HM00 had any effect on Patch yet, as he has only used moves learn-able by pichus. Patch is very protective of his friends and shy at first. He was eager to be a battler, but after losing continually, he dislikes battles. He also has a fear of the pokemon Quagsire.

Moves used: Thundershock



Squishy is one of the two pokemon that have been at the Pokemon Day Care the longest. He is believed to have been cursed, and that's the reason he has been there so long. Due to his "curse" the other pokemon in the Day Care avoid him. Squishy was not angry about this, just sad and lonely, at least until Patch arrived. Due to being at the Day Care for so long, Squishy has seen many many pokemon and is able to transform into them without being near one.

Moves used: Transform, Water Gun, Teleport, Hypnosis



He is other Pokemon that has been left at the Day care the longest. Eevee has the same trainer as Squishy, and after being in the Day Care for so long, Eevee began to despise Squishy and blamed him for being stuck there. Eevee stopped talking to the other pokemon in the Day Care and made it so that no one would talk to Squishy either by starting the rumor that Squishy was "cursed". When Patch still talked to Squishy despite the "curse" rumor, he tried to scare Patch off, but ended up accepting Patch as a friend. Since then, Eevee has been nicer to Squishy, though he still is a bit mean at times.

Moves used: Tackle


Shinjy was Lola's second pokemon. She was given to Lola by her father who bought her for Lola. Shinjy is one of the strongest and best fighters on the team. Shinjy and Thyme do not get along very well and disagree on most things, and due to her short temper, most arguments end with yelling. She gets along well with the other members on the team, though she's not particularly close to any of them, staying quiet mostly. Shinjy found Patch's egg and saw herself as almost his mother for the time he was with them. When Lola replaced Patchumanji on the team Shinjy stopped obeying her, refusing to battle at all.

Moves used: Flame Burst


Thyme was Lola's starter pokemon. He loves to battle and is very competitive. He cares for the other pokemon on the team but it doesn't show at all. He sees himself as the leader of the team and the strongest fighter, though Shinjy may be stronger than him. He and Shinjy do not get along at all, he disagrees with her on everything he can just because he likes to get her angry. He didn't treat Patch very nicely while he was on the team and after Patch left he began to regret it. To try and make up for it, he treats Patch's replacement on the team, Sparkia, a lot nicer.


Missingno is a black mist that came from Patch's egg during the HM00 experiment. It was somehow unharmed by the flames that destroyed the lab and escaped. Missingno has been seen to have the ability to copy another pokemon, much like a ditto, but only for a short amount of time so far. Not much else is known about Missingno yet.


Lola is a pokemon trainer on her journey. She picked a chikorita for her starter pokemon and received a vulpix as a present from her father. She soon caught a marill and a swinub. She got a togepi in a trade. Her pokemon, Shinjy found an abandoned egg and she decided to take it with her.
















Mew was first seen saving Patch's egg from the fire in the lab. Mew then left his egg to be found by Lola and her pokemon.

More to come. Last update: 5/20/2012