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Ch 6, pg 17

February 1st, 2013, 2:38 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply bananakin, February 1st, 2013, 2:51 pm

Suprise page?
Hiatus isn't actually over, but I've been working on this over neerly the last month bit by bit. After I've done my homework, of course. :3

There's a lot of dialouge on this page.. >w>;

If you haven't seen the news page, I've updated a few of the pages on the site. Not much new, though. Also I'm doing sketch requests for fun, info in the news for that. I'm still working on some now. :D Though if they get too repetitive, I'll probably stop them. :/
(Also, only post reqests on the news page, i'll ignore them here.)

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User's Comments:

Reply medicman4444, February 1st, 2013, 3:06 pm

^^ patch thinking hes awesome XD then his world is crushed

Reply Lockman, February 1st, 2013, 3:42 pm

Wait... this kid is... 0.o

Reply Titan68221, February 1st, 2013, 4:38 pm

Of course its that guy. OF COURSE.
Well, good luck Patch.

Reply bananakin, February 1st, 2013, 5:16 pm

@medicman4444: Yeah, He only got to celebrate his victory for a moment. xD

@Lockman: Ahaha You recognize him? :3

@Titan68221: Well, this couldn't be too easy for Patch, right? :D Ahaha

Reply Tehpikachu, February 1st, 2013, 5:31 pm

"Ahh! So you've lost your sparkle too, eh? ehehehe, bye, bye, Twinkle Toes!"

The comic that let's my obscure quotes and reference flow~

Reply VictoryStar (Guest), February 1st, 2013, 7:43 pm

Patch is either going to freeze up because of his memory of being thrashed by a Quagsire or gets angry enough to somehow beat it.

Btw, Tehpikachu, that is an Avatar the Last Airbender refrence.

Reply frogace55, February 1st, 2013, 9:32 pm

Crap I call REVENGE

Reply sonicstar4453, February 1st, 2013, 10:21 pm

God damn ground types. >:U

Reply Tamazarashi (Guest), February 2nd, 2013, 12:46 am

OH GOD NOT THE QUAGSIRE Back when I was playing Platinum and my main pokemon was a Luxray, these were my WORST NIGHTMARES.

Reply Ginchiyo, February 2nd, 2013, 1:24 am

oh no not a Quagsire!

Reply Bebuzzu, February 2nd, 2013, 1:40 am


Reply Lottos35, February 2nd, 2013, 2:06 am

this gonna be painfull

Reply Tehpikachu, February 2nd, 2013, 2:37 am

@VictoryStar (Guest); 'Fraid not! Though, yes, Toph did call him that. But I doubt you'll be able to guess where it came from.
Bananakin can guess. ;3

Reply Lady Darkrina, February 2nd, 2013, 4:44 am

Guessing Patch knows that Quagsire. He probably met him on his travels.

Reply andreya225, February 2nd, 2013, 10:05 am

that just blew my mind... BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!!!

Reply 9kirby99, February 2nd, 2013, 2:20 pm

Oooh...that has to be the unluckiest thing in the WORLD. Same Quagsire, too. However...maybe the origional trainer and this one are in touch...?

Reply HKim, February 2nd, 2013, 5:28 pm

Mmm, ground type. This won't be easy.

Reply patch (Guest), February 4th, 2013, 2:42 am

patch is gonna beat the living daylights out of that quagsire

Reply spudwalt (Guest), February 4th, 2013, 3:25 pm

Hopefully Patch can figure out how to use something like Grass Knot or Energy Ball in the next minute or so.

Reply Lottos35, February 7th, 2013, 1:28 pm

this is... hardcore...

Reply >:U (Guest), February 11th, 2013, 1:25 pm

@sonicstar4453: I know right!

Reply bananakin, February 14th, 2013, 7:03 pm

@Tehpikachu: You got me with that one! "Twinkle toes" makes me think of avatar! xD I was confused lol

@victoryStar (guest): Or maybe something elseeeee~ xD

@frogace55: Revenge is sweet xD

@sonicstar4453: My least favorite type. Dx

@Tamazarashi (Guest): YOU TOO? I came to really dislike this pokemon because of that xD

@Bebuzzu: YEAH! xD

@Lady Darkrina: He has, actually! It's the quagsire he fought back in chapter three(?) before he ended up at the day care. xD Small world, eh?

@andreya225: Not expecting Quagsire? xD

@comicboy: Yay! Glad you think so ^^ The rest of the chapter is mostly action, and I'm pretty excited to get to the end xD
As for the game, I'm afraid not. I've never had the chance to play a LoZ game, though I want to someday. Just don't have the time for new games at the moment, ya know? :C

@9kirby99: Nope! Just a coincidence that he ran into him again. x3 Though that would be interesting if the trainers knew each other..
Hmm I might have them meet again some day, cause I think that would be neat. Wonder if I can fit that into the comic eventually.... xD

@spudwalt (Guest): I wonder what grass knot would look like? I've never had a pokemon that used it before... gonna have to look that up now that I'm curious xD

Reply Lady Darkrina, February 15th, 2013, 3:49 am

@bananakin: Oh yeah, he did as well :3

I have to say Quagsires are awesome for the fact that the only thing they have a weakness to is grass types^^

But the fact that they also have a great movepool is lovely too~

Reply sconic123, March 7th, 2013, 8:38 pm

WAIT THAT VOICE, ah crap :(

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